The men behind Péago are not so-called 'employees' or 'labourers'.
No. They don't devise, design, and develop for themselves.
They use their expertise to assist the victims of the tollroads.
They are companions. They are the fellowship. 

The fellowship of Péago. 



Functional brain
It all began with my own frustration of paying toll. This frustration has been converted into the travel application of 2015. I didn't do that all by myself, far from it. I've put the right people with the rights skills together in order to make Péago in what it is today. Ever since we've released the application, my focus has shifted to innovations, marketing and expanding our international network. In my spare time, I like to enjoy a beautiful French wine (what else) next to a French cheese.



Developer back-end
Some might say I'm the developer behind Péago. I see myself more as one of the developers of Péago. The 'behind' part is right though, since I love to work on the things behind the scenes, like complex algorithms, databases, and so on. In my spare time I like to spent time...well...behind my screen. I like science fiction movies, but also enjoy a long walk with dog or horse.



Developer front-end
As developer I'm the second part of the development team. Even though I'm not capable of playing any music, with my keyboard I'm a decent addition to the Péago-team. During the day I'm usually busy with my study Computing Science, but I fill my evenings with sports. As a true developer, I prefer to code at night.



Two designers in one, that is the role that I can fulfil with Péago. With a lot of passion and patience, I take special care for both the Interactive Design and Visual Design. This duo-role challenges me, and gives me energy. I continuously step in the shoes of the users. In my opinion, the app should look slick, but it's even more important that everything works logically. When I'm my own self again, I like to smoke a cigar and play a bit on my guitar.