Lelystad, june 16th 2015

Privacy statements often are incomprehensible documents. We would like to provide you a privacy statement that you understand. We (Mufort BV) are collecting information:

·       While visiting the website www.getpeago.com and

·       While using the app Péago.

If you signed up for the newsletter, we use your email address only for this purpose.

Other information we collect because we want to understand how the website or app is being used. E.g.: which buttons are clicked and which screens are used.

This allows us to see whether this is consistent with the anticipated usage. Only changes perceived by you as an improvement will be implemented. These data will always be anonymous. What matters to us is the large group that uses website or app.

We also collect information for marketing purposes. This enables us to show your banners after you've been on the website.

If you use the app we collect data about for example when you use the app, and how much you've saved. In short, to make clear the success of Péago in marketing campaigns.

To collect this data, we use Google Analytics and Apple app analytics.

In summary, we collect data to:

1.     to send a newsletter

2.     Align product to your wishes

3.     To sell products

We never share this information with others unless we believe disclosure is required by any applicable law.

Any questions about this statement? Mail us: info@mufort.com